The Old beast Nikon D2H

The Old beast Nikon D2H


This was my first “Pro” camera that I ever owned, yes it is old, yes the sensor isn’t of greatest quality and most of all yes it is heavy, more so then most people like to carry. However, for the price it stands at today it’s a suburb buy for what it is, a great introduction to a “Pro” body. After using this camera I have since learned you don’t need a camera like this to get good quality photographs, a mirror less camera is a great alternative the only advantage to these are for sports in my opinion.









The major con of this camera is the low light capability, maybe when this came out it was amazing, but to todays standards this is just plain horrible. Anything above ISO 1600 is almost unusable in my opinion. However if you are looking for a good, cheap, pro DSLR this is the way to go!

Here is a link so you can find some used Nikons! :


Nikon V1 Usability test

Nikon V1 Usability test

When I first acquired the Nikon V1 it was a birthday gift from my father a couple years ago or so now. I was really excited to get a new-ish, small, compact and exciting camera! But would the Usability hold up to its small size? How about how loud it is? it being a mirror less camera (or mirror if you please) it should be silent right? Well thats exactly what it is! as any other mirror less camera should be, these little beasts are great for street photography, portraits or even landscapes. It has a built in time-lapse feature which I have used a little bit, though never was able to get a great time-lapse because of its certain bugs. Occasionally the camera will just stop taking photos in the middle of a time lapse ruining hours upon hours of exposure time, now this could very well be my mistakes but it is an issue.

Now lets get to the real talk, how does this perform on a daily photography venture? Well it handles FANTASTIC coupled with a great strap this camera will have you shooting many photos anywhere you please. It’s quick and elegant in many different ways. I took this camera with me to Japan I took the 10mm and the 18.5mm, I have to say they are both great lenses but the 18.5 is defiantly one of my favorite lenses for this camera, marked at 1.8 aperture you can get into some good indoor shots with this camera.

Indoor test, Japanese man cutting noodles


My grandmother inside a restaurant


I have other indoor tests with this camera but these two photos stand out to me for some reason, anyways so you guys ask your self, Well what about the color? is the color accurate? Well I must say in my opinion I do believe color is excellent for this camera! Here are some color shots.

Octopus at a fish stand


Japanese Figure


Japanese Arcade indoors


Japanese Sign




So as you can all see, the colors are all excellent, I did adjust them a little bit with Lightroom, but I don’t have good or interesting subjects to show you with good color in my area currently. Even without editing these are excellent colors.

This is the end of this very short “review/usability” segment thank you for reading!

New equipment coming 20th of june

Hey everyone!  I have new equipment coming June 20th, I ordered a Mamiya 645 m1000s with a Mamiya 80mm 2.8 and a CDS Prism I will be doing a lot of testing with this camera I will be going to California at the end of this month as well so I will defiantly be bringing it with me. I will doing a not really review but more of a “usability” aspect.  I will be posting photos when I get the film processed and developed! I am very very excited to be able to try one, I have wanted to try one of these for a long while and finally decided to pitch in the money for it. When I get the Camera I will make a post as well of how it feels and build quality.

My short yet thoughtful experience with the Holga 120

My short yet thoughtful experience with the Holga 120



So lets get into the “behind the story” Ive been shooting a Nikon V1 for a little over a year now, I brought it with me to Japan and where ever I went it was my favorite camera in the digital world and still is, it’s light, elegant and most of all the photo quality is great, though something sparked my film kick I’m on now, I was able to get my hands on my brothers Promax 35mm SLR, but something about it I just didnt like, its alright if you are just starting film or a student. After I shot my first roll on this it really taught me how film users really think about the shots they pick. I see digital photographers shooting non stop hoping for a good picture, not even enjoying them selves just wanting “that” photograph. However when you have such a limited number of shots you really think about what to shoot, you admire whats around you, you become more creative and open minded of what can be in a photograph. So thats where my serious admiration to film that I once had but sparked again came in to play.

Ive always wanted to shoot Medium Format Film (120) but I always thought it would be too expensive too shoot these, well it is expensive however, getting only 12 or 16 photographs makes me look even more, especially with a Holga. The Holga is such a basic camera you are forced to use the bare minimum, taking more risks then you would with a any other 120 format camera. The photographs out of this camera are unique yet can be very good, the lens is made out of plastic making every Holga slightly different. The uproar with these cameras have been extremely noticeable within the artistic crowd of people. I have two photos to present to you, I used 400 Tri-X and had to scan the negatives with my Nikon V1 for an issue worth mentioning, I had bought this film about a year ago I didnt quite know if it had 12 or 16 exposures when i put it in the camera the numbers where upside down so I thought it was 12 exposures so I left the 12 exposure mask in the camera which caused overlapping in my photos, I had to crop them and scan them with a Nikon V1 which I don’t think turned out too horribly.

Golf course landscape 400 Tri-x

Holga GOlf course

Mountain landscape 400 Tri-x

Holga Mountain

Ilford HP5+


Ilford HP5+

Holga Land 2

Ilford HP5+

Holga Land 1

Ilford HP5+