Ricoh FF-90 Review up soon

Ricoh FF-90 Review up soon

Hello everyone, I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who visits, follows and comments on this website you drive me to go out and get more review material everyday. Which makes me ponder upon the thought of which is the best way to find cheap good cameras to start off a website, with my very limited budget at the moment and limit of brick and mortar stores selling old film cameras it can be hard to get review material. I have gone through goodwills only finding one camera that seemed worth while, the Ricoh FF-90, it is supposed to be a good point and shoot rangefinder from the 80’s I shot a roll of cheap Kodak film to make sure everything works properly, I shot it on the river while I was tubing I put the camera in a little watertight container and from my knowledge no water got into the camera or anything. This camera for being a point and shoot was actually fun to me, I never have fun shooting point and shoots its just too easy to point, autofocus and take the picture not much fun in that! however being on a river and that was the only accessible camera I could bring I thought it would be great for the review! So monday is when I will be able to pick up my film and I will try to have the review up by wednesday 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ricoh FF-90 Review up soon

  1. Although it mighy be hard to find old cameras displayed in stores…a lot of people still have them tucked away in their lofts or basements. I have been flooded with all sorts of cameras from friends etc. Thus ask around. Many people like their ‘junk’ to go to a good home for a happy second-life.
    It might feel boring shooting with a basic camera, it will help you to be more focussed on comppsition, light etc.
    If you want extra excitement, shoot a roll of B/W and develop it yourself at home. It’s dead simple and doesn,t cost much at all. It will provide you with a lot of satisfaction. Or experiment with home made Caffenol (coffee) developper which will give you yaw-dropping results.
    Whatever you do….have FUN

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