Promaster 2500 PK super, a student camera review

Promaster 2500 PK super, a student camera review


Here we have another cheap camera review! Starring the Promaster 2500 PK Super. This camera is regarded as a terrific learning camera for beginner photographers or just beginners in film alike. It can be bought for the cheap price of $250-300 new. Even though its not super super cheap you can find WAY and I mean WAY better SLR’s out there for the same price. The performance of this camera isn’t the greatest, it takes a Pentax K mount and the kit lens it comes with is of course not the greatest. The focus of this kit lens is a little bit soft, not a lot of contrast either. All the film used in these was Fuji Velvia 100 Fujichrome,

Promaster Fuji Velvia 100

dad and olive

Okay okay okay it may not be the WORST lens out there, but it could be better for sure, also you can get a really good Pentax K mount lens and attach it on there obviously upping the quality quite a bit.  Lets get into the other problems with this camera though. The build quality is not the greatest as anyone would imagine, the viewfinder is also not that bright I always have trouble focusing this camera because I can’t see the split image as bright and clear as I do on my Mamiya 645. The metering in the camera however is accurate, it uses TTL metering and goes from ISO 25-3200. This camera also come with double exposure capability though I do not have any examples of this.

Promaster Fuji Velvia 100


I noticed out of all the landscape shots I have with this camera they look a bit…odd, really soft and just lacking certain things.

Promaster Fuji Velvia 100


All in all this camera just isn’t for me, however that does not mean it can’t be for you. If you are just starting film photography go ahead and get it, it gets rid of the headache of trying to find the “perfect” lens and body combo. It gets you started on something you may not even enjoy all that much. Just because the lens isn’t of the sharpest quality does not at all mean that you can’t get good shots with it, you can get GREAT shots with any camera just have to have some imagination.